The Grey Veil

Clint's Angels


From Zelabo’s tale:
I stole her heart.
I really mean I actually stole her heart. When she chased me, I didn’t think much of it. The job was to steal the heart and return it to clear my debts.
When I swam in the river to my boat and made my escape I thought it was the last I’d see of her.
There was something about it though as I looked at it when I thought I was in the clear. You might think me overly emotional, but I felt something I hadn’t in a long time. It wasn’t long before she managed to chase me down and though the cat and mouse game of following me back to Ardglass I decided I couldn’t go through with it.
Her heart fixed something in me. Something about the experience made her heart seem more important than anything else. The Guild heavy Lulep would have none of it I knew and would take it no matter what I said. So I went into parts unknown with my Clockwork Princess.
In a short amount of time, maybe months, we became very close. No. No don’t give me those looks. Don’t think I’m cracked either. I know what I’m about. We were happy for a year. One year
Someone, broke into our home. Then they broke her heart. She’s fine physically and mentally mind you. She just has none of the drive or passion for life that we shared together.
What I need, what I want is help. Please help us. Fix her heart so we can go back to being what we were together.

Clint’s Notes:
The Heart was stolen from “father” Onexag, by Zelabo. (Onexag lives in the town of Wheldrake, to the North, 45 – 60 days)

The Guild – contact Lulep (the heavy) in Ardglass, a week away, 1/2 the time by carriage which Zelobo gladly pays for.

Lukot and Mara go info gathering while we wait in the pub.
Lukot finds:
Lulep is female. She is not one to mess with. Has contract out for Zelablo, wanted alive or information for whereabouts. Zelabo’s place is out of her “reach.”
Notices they were being watched, something on the rooftops not human is watching them.
She sneaks up to roof, it flys, it’s clockwork, can’t get close look, but it looks like a flying monkey!?

While discussing plans, 5 goons, came in and sat down. Lulep walked in “You are looking for me?”



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