The Grey Veil

From the journal of Onexag, the Father of Clockworks

My daughter has been found!

The group that approached me was quite unconventional, and if it wasn’t for the one girl with the macaroon fetish I would have most likely reacted like my old self. Back before the war took away my leg and more. But I shall not dwell on such dark times!

They found me on the building in the center of the town that I used as my outpost. Before we left for my base camp, I had my carriage moved away out of sight. I didn’t want them to feel over intimidated and while I liked that young clockworker, I didn’t want to put too much trust in her quite yet.

Once they committed to taking me to my girl I traveled the old way, by being carried by my flying minions. My carriage wouldn’t fit everyone and they seemed apprehensive about my ‘letting them fall’ so I fly alongside them. It was a very good point and a tactic I will use in the future, new thoughts can be so much more devious than mine.

The youngsters were funny to watch as the "flying monkeys’ lifted them up as well. I didn’t have the heart to tell them my creations were modeled after demons. That or maybe they aren’t as fearsome as I thought they’d be to people. I might have to do some cosmetic changes if that’s the case.

On the flight there I thought about my favorite creation. That she had found a man to love her for who she became was amazing and beyond my greatest expectations. I still want her to carry on my trade, but I am warming up to her having her own life if the man is good enough for my girl.

Hearing about her heartstone being stolen makes me furious though. The failures and half successes though the last few years on crafting a heir was hard on me. I’m not young anymore and siring my own flesh and blood is no longer an option. She must be made whole again, but this time I’ll graft the heart in for good. No more experiments or trials, she is the one

Hearing the younger folks commuted to getting it back makes me feel good. That they are succeeding where I had such little luck so long is calming. I’ll let the ‘professionals’ take care of things.


Now I am very excited for Wednesday!!! :)


We’re going to die, aren’t we?


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