The Grey Veil

Fury's family fun

Why is it when something wonderful is discovered Mara is the one to see it first and not me? It seemed to take most of breakfast to determine that “Fury” is in fact clockwork. It took another dozen sketches and some more questions to determine that he was also, most likely, constructed by the master craftsman who is “father” to Princess and the flying clockwork monkeys. My sketches for my own version of the monkeys are coming along quite nicely. I wonder when I will have time to work again. It seems like it has been a long while since my mind has been able to focus on my work. People are far too unpredictable and exhausting to really enjoy. My sketches have allowed me to shut them out somewhat but Fenrick’s talk about the magic battle ax is concerning. Magic is most defiantly not reasonable. It it like a spring wound too tightly and held too long – it wears on the user and comes out in random, explosive fits of badness. At best it can be directed like lightening down the wire of a lightening rod safely to ground - or it can it strike something unprepared like a tree set it on fire and splinter it.

Father would read me stories of warlocks and witches that would steal away little children, or fey who would trick unaware merchants and travelers. Maybe there is more magic to these heartstones than engineering. Maybe they are souls. One hears stories of evil magics and human sacrifices - did the heart stone maybe hold a real soul? “Must be evil cultists maybe we should find them and they could explain what the heartstones are” The others look at me over their breakfast as if I have a pickle stuck on the end of my nose. They do not seem to like that idea and instead suggest going to the warehouse again to see if they can learn more from our new friends. This will afford me a chance to see the clockwork Fury, an exciting prospect.

Our trip to the warehouse takes far too long. The others have questions about the merchant house and “Fury” and this and that and stop to ask nearly everyone. I think this is a little wrong way round as we are going there to ask questions. To take up some time I find a sweet seller and find some very fine macaroons. I put them in my bag for later. At last we make our way back to the warehouse. Once we arrive the clockwork Fury is boldly upon us. He is angry – raging but strangely not. He is clockwork, he is running his program. Why is he so emotional – machines aren’t supposed to be emotional. The heart stone was his and now he has it back, but why did he care? Princess’ broken heart left her without cares. He is broken somehow so I offer to service him.

At first Fury is not convinced. This is nothing new. I know I look like a child to some, they underestimate my skill thinking it must match my form. But I show him that I carry the equipment needed to service him. Something clicks and he brings me into his workshop. There collected are many clockwork beings. They are all broken. They need fixed. I fix them as best I can. They are made by different craftsmen. Some of them are lovely, some are only functional. Fury did not want them abandoned as he was so he brought them here.

I could fix Fury too. I know if I could see where the heartstone was fused I could fix him but he doesn’t wish to be fixed. He tells me his heart was broken by betrayal. I feel sad for him and it brings to mind again that the heartstone must be more magic than not. I do not like magic. Fury thanks me as he leaves. His employees seem surprised by this.

To take my mind of the magic and the possible evil cultists involved in all this I pull out a macaroon and attempt to find Mara. She has wondered off with one of the shop keepers. When I find her she is in a state. Disrobed with the shop keeper on the floor. “what are you doing?” I asked her. Before she can answer Fenrick and Clint are with us. Fenrick has a wicked smile on his face. Just like he gets when one of his twit fan girls says something stupid to him. Clint is changing hues rather rapidly. Maybe he ate something odd.

We head back to the inn to decide where to go next. I am not sure what to say about Fury to the others. His collection of “cousins” seems a rather private thing and thankfully they are more interested in teasing Mara about her time than wondering what I was doing.



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