The Grey Veil

Is this the right prophecy?

Asherakes Camp

The gate was a top a wide plateau and near it there was a tent gazebo. Human slaves, Asherake guards, and an Asherake noble waited. The noble didn’t think anyone would be ‘brave’ enough to champion the city, and when he asked the one named Fenrick “Are you the champion?” to which Fenrick replied “Yes, yes I am!.” His servants were allowed to stay with the slaves and he was guaranteed safe conduct to the arena area for the match at dawn the next day.

Fenrick was given any comfort and many human women were excited to experience his company. He was treated very well as long as he did not leave his tent. He might be a respected enemy but he would not be given an opportunity to run off if he came to his senses and realized he was to be a combatant in a fight he was unable to win. It was prophesied nearly a thousand years ago who the loser was, this “Ladiesbane” fellow was just going through the motions.

Rampant rumors though the camp started by his friends just reinforced opinions of the prophecy. They spoke of his deadliness with the fairer sex. That no woman could withstand his charm or his blade. His prowess in arts of pleasure and combat both with women was spread like wildfire and no one with any sense would make a bet on him winning. After all if even his friends didn’t think he had a chance fighting and besting a man, why should anyone else?

The fight would go the customary three rounds of short, medium, and untill defeat. Bets where taken to see when Fenrick “Ladiesbane” would fall, and there still was much talk of how good he really was. Many thought the customary few swings in the first round would go as normal, a cursory fluff period to whip the masses into the mood of blood to be spilled. The next round where the blood usually began in earnest but the contest was still a dance could be his end. After the second break, if it took even that long, is where most thought he’ll see his end and quickly. The Mountain Men (Half Ogre) were well known for their fighting endurance. It’s what made them such admirable enemies. Humans on the other hand were relatively squishy and very few could maintain the militant discipline to martial strength for the duration and usually wanted to end things quickly before they tire out.

Rest assured the fight and then shortly after the invasion itself were highly anticipated by all!



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