Psychic Slug


Trouble Aspect

Mysterious Stranger
Have I got a Deal For You
I’ve Got The Brains, You’ve got the Looks

Silver Tongue

Influence Thoughts (Potent Influence x2) +4 WR
Read Emotions (Universal Empathy)
Extra Limb(s)


Clint has always had trouble with how other’s viewed him. He swears he was something grand in another life, maybe a tiger, an elephant, maybe even a human! His peers tormented him as a youth, taking advantage of his rare salt allergy condition. He finally had enough and slithered away on his own.

Making his way amongst other species he found that people would occasionally want to do things he wanted. Hungry and cornered in an alley he discovered that he was able to stoke the fears of others causing them to run away. He began to experiment with convincing people to love him, he started getting food and gifts. Things were going well!

One evening slithering home, he came across an orphanage that was ablaze! Children were screaming inside. No one was moving and there was no way he was going in there on his own. Clint decided to act; he pushed onto the crowd “they must LIVE!!” Before he knew it, dozens of people were running inside to save the children. All them were saved… but some of the lesser fortunate of the bystanders were so influenced the went into the flames again looking for children that were no longer there.

“With Anita (by her)
****What the?!?! I’m confused**** By: Anita Fitzingo
Again, Mara ran into the flames. She was confused, dizzy from the smoke…this was her third trip into the burning building. She crept through debris and ash, avoiding treacherous beams and flame, alike. She was in the attic, and the voices of fear and pain were now silent. Were the children all dead? Had they escaped? She couldn’t be sure, but the idea of of leaving any child behind to a fiery death did not appeal to her. She had to save them all… THEY MUST LIVE! Frantically, she continued her search for what seemed like hours…days. Suddenly, a pressure seemed to lift in her head, like a fog burning away under a sunlit day. Confusion set in…and a need for self preservation overtook her. Timbers cracked and the building seemed to shift under it’s own the weight. Not much time, she thought.

She crawled to an attic vent, peering through the slats at the village below. Three stories down, the street was crammed with people. Mara thought she might faint from the height, but she was determined to survive. She kicked the slats out of the vent, wiggled through and climbed up onto the roof. She used the winding,wall of ivy to help guide her down the side of the building and onto the cobblestones. Coughing and wheezing from smoke inhalation, Mara slipped to the ground, unable to breathe in enough oxygen to sustain consciousness. She landed in a gelatinous, sticky goo and the last thing she saw before closing her eyes, was a large, looming shadow with eyes the color of a full moon.

Aspect gained by Clint: Mysterious Stranger ""No one knows your name""
Aspect gained by Mara: Self Preservation ""I will survive!"""

“With Kyle (by me)
They meet…

Two down, three, four. Where were all these crazy men coming from?! Could they not see he was unstoppable! They were not afraid. Fenrick would show them; they would fear Helioferrum. He let his rage flare into his forms, his cuts transforming from elegant quick killing cuts to gruesome disfiguring strikes. He sunk Helioferrum all the way to its wicked hilt once, twice, through the gut, through the eye!
Finally standing in a ring of bodies the last few attackers dropped their weapons and fled. No one was left in the room except that weird sluggish amoeba looking creature in the corner with its dead eyes staring at him. “Hi I’m Clint, you’ll do nicely.” That was really sweet to hear coming from those lovely eyes that reminded him of the moon.

Fenrick Aspect gained: It’s the last inch that counts
Clint Aspect gained: Have I got a deal for you"

“With Darcee (by me)
We Meet…

It’s been a few nights since the massive orphanage fire where many adults had lost their lives; yet, amazingly none of the children had died. Those who died went into the building despite others attempts to hold them back. This was curious and she had to know more. This was going to be dangerous as some outside group was hampering the investigation; maybe they were the same people that had something to do with dad’s disappearance.

Waiting till late in the evening, she snuck out of her rented hole-in-a-wall and made her way to the ruins of the orphanage. She deftly avoided the night watch; she was focused and she was like a shadow. As she made her way into the ruins, she began to look for clues to where the fire started. It was down this alley… Halfway into the alley she realized something horrid! It was a trap! Several large men started to move out of the shadows cutting off her escape. She fumbled for the gadget that would blind them all, she dropped it. It went off, but she hadn’t removed the shield. The men started to snicker… and then they froze. There was an awful moan and then the men started to tremble in fear. Another moan and the men ran.

From within the ruins of the building came a weird amorphous looking creature. “Hi, I’m Clint. You’re different.” Turns out he was the one to scare the men away. The weirdest part is how he kept commenting on her mind, her emotions. He said they were like liquid molten sand, whatever that meant? He offered to help her find what she was looking for.

Daphne aspects gained: Sneaky aspect, it’s a trap
Clint aspect gained: Scary"

“With Tony (by him)

Fleeing from his village in fear of reprisal for the possible murder of his mentor, Lukot fled east away from his forest into a far land with a large city. Without local currency and unaccustomed to the hustle and bustle, he leads to a life of petty crime. One night while huddling around a small fire he’d made in the basement of an orphanage, he falls asleep and awakens to the fire burning his ragged blanket. In fear he tries to put it out but the blaze only gets larger and lights the walls aflame. He escapes the basement with his life and huddles around the corner of a nearby block completely engulfed in his new plight when he looks back and sees children being pulled from the burning building by complete strangers. Behind them stands a giant blob pointing and shouting. Lukot realizes the creature is controlling the humans.
Lukot hatches a plan to convince the blob that they should team up to manipulate people to do their bidding, only people start dying in the fire so the blob has to sneak away. Lukot follows him and tells the blob of his plan to rob the treasury of the king. Only things don’t go as planned….

Clint – I’ve Got The Brains, You’ve got the Looks
People gain a powerful attribute (strength, cunning, etc) around Clint when he focuses on them.

Lukot – There’s Too Many I’s In Narcissist
Lukot really doesn’t care about anyone else, but oh how it pays!"


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