Mara Grace

Expert with Poisoned Blades


Blade work is a long standing tradition in her family. Trained by her mother from the time she could walk, she can pierce a man’s eye from across a crowded room. (True Story…ask her, sometime.) Short or long blade, she has little preference, but keeps several hidden on her person at all times, most infused with poison. Speaking of poison, she spends her free time as a teacher’s aide in the alchemy lab, where she secretly dabbles in concocting new and interesting poisonous potions. She tries her best to use only dye free products from all natural sources.

“You had me at hello”
“Always in the Shadows”
“Family Comes First/Honorable Assassin”
“Self Preservation”

Deadly Grace – use Agility instead of Strength for melee attacks
Shadow – +2 on Deception rolls to follow or sneak up on another
Stealthy – +1 on Deception rolls to avoid being seen or heard
Ambush Predator – +2 bonus on physical attacks made against an ambushed opponent

Cover of Darkness – spend a Fate Point to make any scene or zone Aspect the relates to dim light or darkness persistent, for you only
Opportunist – Once per scene, you may attempt to perform an Assessment on one opponent as a free action
Poison Master – +2 on all rolls when dealing with poisons (and more stuff)
Precision Strike – Once per scene, on a melee attack roll you may ignore your opponent’s Armor Rating for that attack


First Adventure:
It was all rather by accident, really. There I was, all of 16 years old, standing in the middle of the alchemy lab… when tall, dark and handsome strolled in. He was the kind of guy Mother always warned me about… vain, arrogant and none too bright. Of course, there was an instant connection between us. We wined and dined for weeks…it was obvious, we would last forever. At least, until SHE came along. I knew it was time to use what Mother gave me to take back what was mine.

One night, I shadowed them to the local tavern. Naturally, I decided to poison her…blades would only make a mess, and my love might have an emotional problem with that. “Natural causes” would be easier for him to get over…quickly. They were so busy in the booth, they never even noticed as I walked by. It was so simple, a quick slip of the wrist and a tip of the vial… the trap was set. I thought I had it all worked out. How was I to know he would drink the wrong wine?  

Relationship to Fenrick:
There in the shadows, a brief flicker, a movement in the corner of the eye. Fenrick smiled, knowing his back was safe. He walked into the building, seeing the gang of ruffians looking shocked at his entrance. He could only image their reaction when they realized he wasn’t the surprise, the little one they didn’t see in the back of the room wasn’t either. The coated dirk she was slipping between their leader’s ribs was the real surprise. 

Drawing Helioferrum and giving a salute he sprang at the nearest to give her a chance to leave unnoticed. A laugh left his lips as he saw two more fall in the back of the room. Would they even realize that she had been there?

Relationship to Lukot:
In his hunt for the thief who stole his mentor’s lute, Lukot traveled to the grove and found the home of a wizard who needed the lute for his own research. Too lazy to confront the wizard directly, he travels to the local village for ideas and there finds a woman on trial for poisoning her lover. Being no fan of murder or effort, Lukot convinces Mara to agree to murder the Wizard for her freedom.

     Mara uses her skills to poison the Wizard’s wine stores, which he drinks extensively. While they’re waiting in the woods for him to drink the wine, Lukot’s mentor shows up and confronts the wizard about the missing lute. The wizard states it was all a misunderstanding and that he’d sent his assistant off to find a harp and not a lute and he promptly returns the lute. In a token of peace he offers the mentor wine and both of them drink before Lukot can stop them.

     As their plan was coming to fruition Mara made contact with the Wizard’s assistant. Almost instantly she was convinced he loved her and that they were perfect for one another. The assistant too was convinced this was true, but upon seeing his dead boss, he becomes instantly certain Mara was only manipulating him to keep him distracted. He flees to the village to exonerate himself and tell how Mara has killed another and how he was going to be next!

Relationship to Daphne:
Mara watched from the crowded room at the courthouse as the dark haired child was turned away by authorities, again and again. Her demeanor was somewhat of confusion, and concern, yet Mara could sense the underlying determination. Her father. That’s who she was looking for. Mara had spent enough time around the courthouse in the last few weeks, tying up her own legal affairs, that she remembered the day they took the old man away. He was crazed… and begging for help. “Could someone please check in on my daughter?! She’s all alone. Let her know that I’ll be ok!” It seemed to Mara that his plea fell on deaf ears. Now the girl was here, looking for him. And she had been noticed by the wrong people.

From the shadows of the little alley, Mara watched as the child packed up tools and trinkets from around the workshop. Her choices were ingenious! Did she really know what challenges she would face? Mara was uncertain, but she quickly realized this was no child, at all. There was something about this girl, perhaps it was her fragile appearance, or simply that Mara could relate to her dedication to her family. Family was important to Mara, and she knew deep in her heart it was RIGHT that she help this girl achieve her goal. Time was running out…they were coming. Fortunately, the girl was on her way out the door, aiming for the path out of town. But, how did she know where to go? Mara thought the answer to that particular question might make for an interesting story. With a quick check over her shoulder, she turned and headed for the woods… to watch and wait.

Relationship to Clint:
Again, Mara ran into the flames. She was confused, dizzy from the smoke…this was her third trip into the burning building. She crept through debris and ash, avoiding treacherous beams and flame, alike. She was in the attic, and the voices of fear and pain were now silent. Were the children all dead? Had they escaped? She couldn’t be sure, but the idea of of leaving any child behind to a fiery death did not appeal to her. She had to save them all… THEY MUST LIVE! Frantically, she continued her search for what seemed like hours…days. Suddenly, a pressure seemed to lift in her head, like a fog burning away under a sunlit day. Confusion set in…and a need for self preservation overtook her. Timbers cracked and the building seemed to shift under it’s own the weight. Not much time, she thought.

She crawled to an attic vent, peering through the slats at the village below. Three stories down, the street was crammed with people. Mara thought she might faint from the height, but she was determined to survive. She kicked the slats out of the vent, wiggled through and climbed up onto the roof. She used the winding,wall of ivy to help guide her down the side of the building and onto the cobblestones. Coughing and wheezing from smoke inhalation, Mara slipped to the ground, unable to breathe in enough oxygen to sustain consciousness. She landed in a gelatinous, sticky goo and the last thing she saw before closing her eyes, was a large, looming shadow with eyes the color of a full moon.

Mara Grace

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