Valorous Orkish Knight


Reigning Blood

Owatock always knew he was different than the rest of his family. He wanted order and structure, and as he became a man he was leading others in achieving great things through his heavy hand and a dose of justice. His true father visited him and wanted more than he was ever willing to give that devil blooded lord.

Wade never did have the heart to let Owatook know that he really was trying to fire blast him and not the bandits he was fighting. Sometimes tossing jets of flame really is the best solution. Owatock got out of a bad spot and the two shortly found out that they had a common enemy to deal with.

Rescuing that smart but soft brown eyed maid from the devil worshiping bandit chief was the culmination of the quest. Riding back with her into the city where folk went crazy with appreciation was just icing on the cake.


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