Androgynous sly agent


Durty Tricks

The real trick to causing a violent merchant to fail is to make them do it all on their own with no idea anyone else had a hand in their down fall. It’s all possible with a woman like Softeyes. Have her play at being a bad man named Durty and a short list of other roles all trying to keep the merchant and his company away from Durty, and watch how his violence feeds in on those you just shouldn’t cross.

Is it bad to place blame on an innocent bystander, yes. But the results just can’t be beat when it’s a creature no one really wants to stare down – especially when they have four eyes to do the staring.

Vrotha was the best ally and co-conspirator she could ask for. She saw all the details and then had plans that helped win the day and turned the grift around.


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