Wade Whitefingers

Dwarven Archmage


Fingers in the fire

Wade is your stereo typical Dwarven Archmage. He should have had the cushy life he always dreamed of, if it wasn’t for being the wrong person in the right place he would most likely would have. Wade learns that being too proud can get you into trouble. He gets to learn the hard way that when you reach into the fire you get burned proper.

Trusting a stranger based on soft hazel eyes is not wise or smart. But the way he spoke, Wade could feel he meant every word he spoke. The fact it was all lies and went pear shaped with a combustive flask and an Inn burning down was a moot point after all, isn’t it?

It wasn’t that the wolf thing wasn’t helpful to Wade. It was, but the growling and hissing and caterwauling was over the top. The creature wasn’t even that tough. One swift kick from the Ogre and over the fence it went. It still gave Wade the distraction he needed at the right time.

Wade Whitefingers

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