Quickish Overview

Trust me the game is not that difficult. If you can handle d20 you’ll get this fine.

Checks are an attribute plus 4dF (We wont be rolling actual FATE dice so we’ll use 4d6. Each 1 or 2 is -1, each 3 or 4 is 0, and each 5 or 6 is +1) then add the results together.

For Strands of FATE if you have an aspect that could imply training, aptitude, circumstance, or ability you may roll an attribute that is appropriate. You may also invoke an Aspect to help. Invoking an Aspect either grants you +2 OR allows a re-roll OR allows the player to affect the story. Each use costs one FATE point. Your starting FATE points for each game session is listed as refresh in the bottom right of the character sheet.

Aspects may be used by the Game master to compel the player to do some action / have something happen. Each compelling gives the player a FATE point for that game session.

Let’s use Wade and his exploits so far for some examples.

In the story “Reigning Blood” Wade comes upon Owatock in a conversation with the Bandits he’s been tasked to take down in a Barn. Wade assumes they are allies having a friendly argument and decides to burn’m all.

Magic is a little different with activation (think Shadowrun with the mana drain up front) but here are the events.
He first activates his ‘Power Attack Ranged Fire’ which has an Activation Difficulty of 4
His Attribute is Affinity which he has a 4. He rolls 4df (using d6’s gets 2,4,1,6, which converts to -1,0,-1,+1; which really is just -1. So 4-1=3 3 and he needed a 4. He takes one point of Arcane fatigue.
He then attacks the barn entrance floor with the intent to burn everyone inside. He invokes his aspect “Incineration is always an option” to ensure his blast will do so. No roll is required and the Barn entrance is aflame. The GM determines 4 points of fire damage plus one per additional round will be done each round the occupants stay in the barn.

First round everyone in the barn takes 4 points of fire damage, Owatock actually has an advantage which gives him has 8 points of armor vs fire, so he takes 0. Initiative is Perception. The bandits have a 2, Owatock has 3 (1 +2 from Grace under Fire), and Wade has 1.

The bandits try to escape but Owatock wants them attested or put down. He steps in the entrance blocking them and wants to melee. He (quick draws) and attacks. Being a Knight we make the assumption he has had martial training and he decides Strength is what he should use as his base for swinging his battle axe. So for his attack he’s a 3, +2 from Weapon Expertise, + 4dF (he rolls a 0) for a total of 5. His opponent uses agility to get the hell out of the way so he’s at 1 + 4dF (rolls a 1). Owatock 5 > Bandit 2, it’s a hit. Owatock does 3 boxes of damage since that is the margin of success and adds his battle axes WR of 5. Bandit #1 takes 8 blocks of damage and with 12 boxes of physical damage in this round he goes down hard.

Next the Bandits go, then Wade will go.

In the story “The problem with problems…” Wade findes himself in a fire fight chasing the villains that ends with a burning building and the leader trying to escape. The GM invokes “Big Soft for the weebabes” explaining to Wade their skirmish set fire to an orphanage and forces Wade to let the leader go to make sure all the kids get out safely.

The local authorities want to arrest wade, but Vrotha steps up. It’s a social contest and Vrotha decides either a bribe using her resources or Persuasion are the best bets. Vrotha goes with Persuasion so with 2 plus 4dF (rolls a -1) for a total of 1. Vrotha decides to spend a FATE point using her troubleshooter background ‘asking for some professional courtesy’ to get a re-roll and re-rolls a +2 for a total of 4. The authorities not only let them go but decide to help them out with some support.

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