You’re in the heart of The Darokin Republic, the port City of Thornton. Where the Black Rose rules and the Council of Thorns plots. It is a cosmopolitan city, full of many difference races and creatures. It is the only major city with a large standing extraplanar trade gate. It is also connected to the Dwarfhold and The Empire by permanent travel gates.

You are a ways from home and looking for work (or a safe place to lay low). Luckily for you a prominent information broker by the name of Phoz has a simple task he wants done and is willing to make it worth your while. He wants a group to go through the planar gate to the Seven Gate City and retrieve a book, ‘The Tome of Tulunan The Mad’, for him. He even has a local contact there to assist. A group of you have been assembled and you know each other well enough to work together.

Though you don’t have much of a relationship with Phoz, you have gathered he has a good reputation for being upfront and honest in his dealings. He does deals with near everyone it is said. Still not much is know about his politics or motivations. He must have some powerful backing or leverage while he is an outsider, and not a member of any of the Nine Thorns, yet he seems to have clout like a Peer.

His has pale white skin, has tendrils instead of hair, and his three eye are full black with the middle one being vertical on his forehead. He wears loose robes like a monk, but to the trained eye he wears armor underneath. He has a good nature and seems to know a little bit of everything.

He has given you trade chits to pass through and return through the gate, some funds for expenses, and provisions. The contact is a merchant by the name of Aldo, and can be found in the Central Market near the Money Changer. A letter of introduction in a script foreign to you is also given to your group.

How hard can it be? The only other instruction that is emphasized is what ever you do just don’t read the book…

Quickish Overview